Prompted by a vision, it took
11 years to build, nearly destroyed
a marriage, and drew hundreds of thousands to tiny Crossville, TN. Then the government stepped in.

Mein Camp

The story of America's first major interrogation program,
at a top secret POW camp in suburban Virginia.


After a journalist is kidnapped
by ISIS, friends and family search for him. We follow the hostage rescue mission for four years.

An Australian teenager tries to make the most boring Facebook group possible. Then the grown ups invade.

The Takeover

We explore America's wrestle with its most potent punishment – the death penalty.

Cruel & Unusual

How did my friend become Spider-Man – a burglar so prolific, with methods so unusual, the cops gave him a superhero nickname?

Climb Spree

Nazi Summer Camp

The story of when we had 1193 POW camps on American soil.


How one man transformed national politics –  by going very local.

Speechwriter's      Lament

Reliving my worst professional walk of shame, live 

  on stage in NYC and broadcast on The Moth.

The Race
   to Make Ventilators

   When the difference between      life and death came down to

          whether a small auto parts 

   maker in Minnesota could churn out pistons small enough to fit in the palm of your hand.

to Each

296 strangers write to each other. I write back.

The Line

The story of a big group
of people with the same questions – complicated, heartbreaking ones.


On the Spring 2017 Pop-Up Tour, I shared the

    story of one woman I met during my foray into America's militia movement.

World's Largest Treehouse



Dr. Lisa Cook found a hole
in a major economic theory.

It took 10 years to get her

colleagues to listen. 

George Washington Carver

The Mask Mover

One state's frantic scramble to get masks during the pandemic – shutting down the state's payment system, and taking a $3.5 million check on a roadtrip.